How To View And Improve FPS Games



Tricks to improve the performance of a FPS game in ColossalCheats

Resolution: Always leave it at the native resolution of the monitor. A monitor does not work in the same way as a TV, and if we rescale something or lower the native resolution, it shows much more. If we have a 1080p monitor, let's leave it there. Of course, we can always do super sampling in FPS ColossalCheats. That is, if our graphic allows it, we can render at a resolution higher than that of the monitor, but it is not advisable to set a 1080p monitor at 720p to scratch some frames.

  • Resolution scale: If the performance is good, we can play to increase the percentage. If we do not reach 30 or 60 FPS, better to put it to a minimum.
  • Shadows: It is one of the effects that consume the most. Before trying to touch anything else, we must adjust this parameter.
  • Anti-Aliasing: There are different anti-aliasing processes in each game, but they all consume valuable resources. If we do not reach the desired rate and we have already lowered the quality of the shadows, we should lower the multiplier or deactivate it.
  • Effects and reflections: These additional graphic effects consume valuable resources of the GPU and if we want to gain a few frames per second, it is best to go down the scale.
  • Post Processing: The effects as same for FPS ColossalCheats.
  • Textures: It is the last we have to play if we want to enjoy the game in conditions.
  • Vertical synchronization (V-Sync): Vertical synchronization forces the GPU to adapt to the frequency of the monitor and consumes a lot of resources. It eliminates tearing, but it can add latency and, in addition, the performance drops considerably. It is better to deactivate it.
  • Display mode: there are usually two modes: window and full screen. It is always better to play in full screen. In current titles not so much, but in the old ones you notice a performance improvement.



How to improve performance in FPS ColossalCheats

Besides the tricks to improve the performance you have above, there are two others that are important in games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. And, in these games, it does not matter how well you see or define the textures. The most important thing is to see the rivals at the greatest distance possible.

That is why, in Fortnite and PUBG, we must touch the definition of textures if we see that we do not reach a performance of 60 frames per second. To do this, we must follow the previous advice, but there is an option that should be at maximum the viewing distance.


In addition, we must limit the frame rate to improve performance. If we do not have a monitor that goes to more than 60 Hz, it is silly that the game goes to 240 Hz. Therefore, deactivating the V-Sync, we have to activate the FPS limiter.

Thus, if Fortnite or PUBG always goes between 60 and 80 FPS ColossalCheats with the current configuration by limiting the FPS to 60 we'll always have a frame-rate of 60 frames per second without uploads or downloads. This gives us an advantage in terms of performance (since we will not notice strange effects) and the frame-time will be better than if we let the meter rise and fall as desired.

Read Dead Redemption: Immortal Redemption

Redemption is the ultimate game of the West. Rock star did a remarkable rehearsal with Red Dead Revolver in Ps2 but the mastery has arrived in this sequel (which is not a continuous, by the way).


We say all the fantasies that not all the topics. Redemption, despite remembering classics of the cinema as Wild Group, Without Forgiveness, and Centaurs of the Desert stands as an original work whether it was a movie or video game that is.

Redemption is a sandbox created by the creators of the mother sandbox the GTA. Despite the fact that the mechanics are very similar in both franchises Redemption overcomes the sections of argument, setting, the varieties in the missions and fundamentally the shooting system. This one, in Redemption is much more comfortable and allows to be adjusted for a kind of automatic targeting (GTA type) or expert mode (the most recommended because it is when the game becomes a challenge) in which all the aim depends on your agility with the right stick. As a help there will be the Dead Eye (present in the original) that for a limited time will allow us to activate a kind of bullet time.


Riding to infinity


The map of the game removes the hiccups fundamentally there are three territories plagued by settlements and each one with its particularities. Something atypical and most enjoyable of the game is to ride through the immense desert, the meadows, the snowy mountains or the deep North American forests while the weather changes, the day happens at night and we will even have open and closed nights. There is the possibility to stop riding in stagecoaches but much of the wonder of the game is lost.

Here is its graphic force the setting. The landscapes are stuck, with an amazing realism and on the contrary, and in good decision, the characters are pursuing an eristic style but not real.


Hours and hours


The main campaign far exceeds 20 hours. But not everything is main: if we want to access new suits (with advantages), weapons, horses and we will have to overcome a multitude of challenges that go through: secondary missions, hunting, collecting flowers, killing in certain ways, looting the home of gangs of outlaws to stay with their treasures or even, become authentic ludapatas in Texas hold'em games, Black Jack, throwing pulses. The map will always give us things to do while we ride, be it helping people, defending ourselves from outlaws, saving damsels in distress.

And all this without mentioning the overwhelming on-line that makes the most of the current catalog look ridiculous: on the one hand "free mode" will allow us alone or with friends, go through the game at our leisure to complete challenges, annoy other players or propose multiplayer games. On the other hand, the multiplayer games themselves that go through shootings of bands capture the bag.

And beware an expansion called Outlaws until the End with more cooperative missions has just come out. Impressive both the missions and that their download is free. Owners of Xbox360 or Play3 if they have 70 Euros run for Red Dead Redemption. If you do not have them, assault a diligence, steal a bank do anything but do not miss this resounding masterpiece for any lover of video games.