How To View And Improve FPS Games



Tricks to improve the performance of a FPS game in ColossalCheats

Resolution: Always leave it at the native resolution of the monitor. A monitor does not work in the same way as a TV, and if we rescale something or lower the native resolution, it shows much more. If we have a 1080p monitor, let's leave it there. Of course, we can always do super sampling in FPS ColossalCheats. That is, if our graphic allows it, we can render at a resolution higher than that of the monitor, but it is not advisable to set a 1080p monitor at 720p to scratch some frames.

  • Resolution scale: If the performance is good, we can play to increase the percentage. If we do not reach 30 or 60 FPS, better to put it to a minimum.
  • Shadows: It is one of the effects that consume the most. Before trying to touch anything else, we must adjust this parameter.
  • Anti-Aliasing: There are different anti-aliasing processes in each game, but they all consume valuable resources. If we do not reach the desired rate and we have already lowered the quality of the shadows, we should lower the multiplier or deactivate it.
  • Effects and reflections: These additional graphic effects consume valuable resources of the GPU and if we want to gain a few frames per second, it is best to go down the scale.
  • Post Processing: The effects as same for FPS ColossalCheats.
  • Textures: It is the last we have to play if we want to enjoy the game in conditions.
  • Vertical synchronization (V-Sync): Vertical synchronization forces the GPU to adapt to the frequency of the monitor and consumes a lot of resources. It eliminates tearing, but it can add latency and, in addition, the performance drops considerably. It is better to deactivate it.
  • Display mode: there are usually two modes: window and full screen. It is always better to play in full screen. In current titles not so much, but in the old ones you notice a performance improvement.



How to improve performance in FPS ColossalCheats

Besides the tricks to improve the performance you have above, there are two others that are important in games like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. And, in these games, it does not matter how well you see or define the textures. The most important thing is to see the rivals at the greatest distance possible.

That is why, in Fortnite and PUBG, we must touch the definition of textures if we see that we do not reach a performance of 60 frames per second. To do this, we must follow the previous advice, but there is an option that should be at maximum the viewing distance.


In addition, we must limit the frame rate to improve performance. If we do not have a monitor that goes to more than 60 Hz, it is silly that the game goes to 240 Hz. Therefore, deactivating the V-Sync, we have to activate the FPS limiter.

Thus, if Fortnite or PUBG always goes between 60 and 80 FPS ColossalCheats with the current configuration by limiting the FPS to 60 we'll always have a frame-rate of 60 frames per second without uploads or downloads. This gives us an advantage in terms of performance (since we will not notice strange effects) and the frame-time will be better than if we let the meter rise and fall as desired.